Do I hold the rights to the visualization or intellectual property (IP)?

Our customers always retain full rights to their 3D data. The IP remains your property even after you cancel your subscription. However, the visualization itself remains tied to Polyte and can only be used with an active subscription.

How much does the software cost?

Our costs are split across different categories depending on the specific needs of your project. The first section of the costs refers to production and is therefore bespoke for each client and project. Fees for hosting, maintenance, and dashboard can be found on our Pricing page. Costs can be reduced if you wish to use the Polyte Editor to produce your visualizations yourself.

What are the different plans?

All our prices and project costings can be found on our Pricing page. We are always happy to put together bespoke price packages and quotes for our clients if the fixed costs do not meet your requirements. To get an individual quote, please contact us via the contact form.

Is Polyte good value for money?

We certainly think so! Our innovative technology and beautiful, immersive visualizations provide huge eCommerce benefits over traditional online images and product representation. By reducing client returns and increasing sales and turnover, Polyte offers great ROI on an ongoing basis.

Should I invest in the software?

If you are interested in improving customer communication, Polyte is a must-have. Seamless communication and accurate, real-life, immersive product experiences allow you to present your products precisely the way you want. This allows customers to buy with confidence, reducing return rates and optimizing conversions.

Technical issues

Is Polyte compatible with my website?

Polyte is fully compatible with almost every website and CMS platform. The Polyte Player can be integrated easily as a widget or an ES6 module, and our team can provide support throughout the process.

Does the visualization work equally well on all devices?

Polyte is designed to function perfectly on all devices, from desktop computers to hand-held mobile devices. There is a chance that some older devices may not support 3D visualization. In these cases, Polyte automatically switches to a static image display to ensure that your product is always displayed.

Can you also convert my product and what do I have to do for it?

We can bring your products to life with Polyte. Even if you don’t have ‘web-ready’ 3D data for your products, we can put this together for you. If you already have CAD data, we’ll optimize it so you can create accurate and attractive 3D visualizations.

Do I need any specific browser plugin?

Polyte works perfectly without any additional plugins or installations on any modern web browser.

How does the integration work on my website?

The Polyte Player can be integrated quickly and easily on your website as a widget or ES6 module. Our team is happy to support you in making this process as simple as possible.

Does the visualization work on mobile devices like iPhone, Android or tablets?

Polyte was developed with a mobile-first approach and is explicitly designed to work perfectly on mobile devices. From smartphones and tablets to desktops and billboards, your product’s digital twin is fully compatible with all devices.

What technical infrastructure does our IT-division need to offer?

Polyte Cloud handles all the infrastructure and management of the complex 3D data, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Simply integrate the widget on your website, and we’ll take care of the rest.

How can you visualize my product without 3D data?

Firstly, we create a digital twin of your product based on existing images or a full scan of the physical product. We then optimize the model so it is visualizable and fully explorable on Polyte.

How often do I get updates?

We continuously strive to improve performance, compatibility, and stability. We carry out regular optimizations and updates in the background to ensure everything runs smoothly and at peak performance.

Can my product be configured by the customer?

The Polyte Editor gives customers the possibility to design and control a range of variables, including color, material, and geometry. Our smart variant engine ensures that only the data that is needed at each moment is used, reducing loading times. Polyte also provides an API function that can be placed on existing custom configurations for each variation.

How are the configurations and interactions controlled?

Variations are controlled as usual by rotating and zooming using a mouse or touchscreen.

Does Polyte Player have a user interface to control functions?

Polyte fits seamlessly into any existing website and does not require a specific user interface. The Polyte Player can be controlled using the existing controls of your website or CMS.

Does the visualization look exactly like the real product?

We use the highest degree of digital materials in our visualizations so that the immersive 3D product will look as close to its physical counterpart as possible. We work hard to ensure the customer experience is coherent as well as being accurate, so for products with complex functions, there may be some loss of visual accuracy.

Is my data secure?

We are committed to top-of-the-line cybersecurity and data protection methods. Our specially developed compression methods and formats ensure that your data is always kept safe.


What advantages does 3D-Visualisation offer?

3D visualization builds strong client trust when making large-scale purchases. It helps customers feel more confident about what they are buying, ensuring lower returns and higher purchase satisfaction. When the product representations are as accurate as possible, customers are more likely to buy with certainty.

Will my brand be represented correctly?

We turn your visions into reality. Our goal is to represent your brand and your products accurately, with your satisfaction in all aspects being our number one priority. We create custom environments that authentically model your brand landscape so that your products are represented as accurately as possible. We aim to present your products exactly as you wish and always adapt to your requirements, ideas, and brand needs.


How exactly does Polyte work and what does it do for me?

When you sign up to Polyte, you get access to two different services.  

The Dashboard offers an analytical toolkit to provide data and insights into customer behavior.  

Hosting and Maintenance deals with the backend, providing silent updates and maintaining the visualization on your website.  

What is Polyte Publisher?

The Polyte Publisher allows you to distribute and manage all your 3D visualizations quickly and easily. The Polyte Editor allows you to create 3D models yourself, opening up a whole new world of product development and design.

Is Polyte a shop system?

Polyte is not an eCommerce system on its own. It is a 3D design and publishing system which provides an interactive representation of your products, designed to be integrated into your existing online store.

Can Polyte control my shop system?

The Polyte Player displays the products that are currently offered in your online store and reacts to the configurations of each product. This is similar to the behavior of traditional product image presentation. You control the Polyte display through your current CMS.

How does the conversion from product to visualization work?

The conversion process begins with your existing 3D data. If you don’t have high quality 3D data of your products, don’t worry! We can create a digital twin based on existing images and scans of the physical product. Once we have enough data to create a model, we clean it up, ensure that the geometry is correct, and add the relevant materials and colors to build your perfect product.

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